M  A  R  V  E  L  S

Introduction and Greetings

Dear all,

Korea CEO Summit is proud to host the World Blockchain Summit 'MARVELS' (Busan) as follows.

The conference is comprised of a variety of agendas. In over 20 Blockchain power houses such as members of National Assembly, Blockchain & Game Experts, Venture Capital Fund & Institutional Investors, Miners & Traders, Global IT Enterprise, Global Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Expers, Finance & Blockchain media, Opinion Leaders and Cryptocurrency Exchanges will gather in one place. 

As known, 'MARVEL' means 'Wonder work, Wonder person, Wonder result'. So I defined MARVELS as a Global Blockchain community where Marvelous people produce and drive Marvelous results through Marvelous work called Blockchain.

Korea CEO Summit hope that all attendees will experience and lead the 'Tech-Renaissance: Leap 2020' in Busan on 20th of February 2020.

Thank you.

Park Bong Kyu

Chairman of  World Blockchain Summit MARVELS

Korea CEO Summit

Conference of the century

Title : 8th World Blockchain Summit MARVELS Busan 2020

Agenda : Blockchain Revolution 2030

Date : 20th, February, 2020

Venue : Nurimaru APEC House

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